Our looks

Home on a Budget

Before FG

Before Forgotten Gems, Gemma was in need of furnishing her new family home. With three children, at the time, it needed to be on a budget. She started buying old pieces of furniture that needed a little bit of TLC. Visitors started asking where her beautiful pieces were from? They were shocked when they learnt that that they'd been hand painted by Gem. It wasn't long before Gem was painting furniture for friends and family as well as her own home.

The Beginning

Forgotten Gems is born

After a few years of refinishing pieces for friends and family, Gem discovered she had a real eye for spotting old forgotten pieces and turning them in gems. With more and more people enquiring it was time to make it official and so Forgotten Gems was born.

We're live

After a couple of years of selling on social media, eBay and Etsy, Gem decided it was time to cut out the middle men and sell on her own platform. With the help of her husband, went live at the start of 2018.

Making headlines

Award winning Artist

After years of hard work Gem was nominated for a Flip Runway award and won "Best Faux Finish" for her marble inspired drawers. Later that year she went international and won the Zibra Golden Brush award for "Best Clean Finish"


Let's do homeware

Gem would get so many requests asking where the homeware, featured in her staging photos, were from. One day over a cuppa she and her sister, Claire, had the great idea to extend the Forgotten Gems brand and start a homeware range. With Gem's artistic flare and Claire's eye for beautiful homeware they got to work right away.

Ok, we're really doing this?

Fg Home is here

After a year of planing, sourcing and designing, Gem & Claire have scoured the globe to find some really special homeware. As they couldn't meet everyone's taste they started with a small collection and decided to only source pieces they would buy for their own homes...and so Forgotten Gems Home is here.